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about me

My family

My name is Andrea Rick. With my three sons, my husband, two dogs and two cats, I always have "full house".


my passion

The creation of feed analyzes and individual feed advice are my passion. Why? Because I want to offer our 4-legged friends a healthy, long and carefree life. "You are what you eat!" - this also applies to our 4-legged darlings.

My struggle through the “food jungle"

The unsuccessful struggle through the food jungle is behind me. My cat Caruso used to have kidney failure, the classic cat disease. My Maltese Louie was no better - he had arthrosis and constant inflammation of the joints. So I started looking for the right food for my 4-legged patients. That was exhausting. I felt like Don Quixote on his rickety Rosinante. And I literally fought against windmills - because I didn't have the necessary information.

My education

So I decided to stop fighting the windmills and take matters into my own hands. I completed an apprenticeship as a feed expert. Every second that I dedicated to animal health or ingredients in my free time was worth it. Today I can claim to be an experienced feed expert. In my personal consultations, I can fall back on the well-founded theoretical knowledge from my training. And with that I not only make sure that my own four-legged friends are fine, but also yours!


My performance

I could go a long way now, but I'd rather stick to the facts: My Caruso shines today with ideal blood values. His chronic bladder infection no longer exists and he is more vital than ever. Louie loves long walks lately. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't have enough energy for jumping and romping around in the garden - none.


My offer​

If you want your four-legged friends to thrive (like mine), then contact me. I will conduct a free consultation with you and create a free feed analysis for you.

Simply click on the "Contact" button for the absolute well-being of your 4-legged darlings - and that on the basis of a species-appropriate and healthy diet.

Your Andrea - the food expert


Andrea Rick
Your feed advisor

Our Team
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